We help fellow entrepreneurs succeed.

CXP Capital Partners is a privately-held entrepreneur investment firm, backed by successful entrepreneurs and founders, that acquires or invests in small to medium-size businesses.

Our capital and capabilities are based on the experience we gained from building, scaling and exiting Flipp - building it from the ground up to an eventual 9 figure exit.

Why CXP Capital

Fully invested, we are all in.

Building legacy

We focus on building legacy not just money. While money is important, you want your company to be led by proven founders, builders and operators who can scale the business and are 100% committed.

We can relate

We have been through both the venture and private equity experience and we feel like there is a better way to this.

Build to last

Our mission and passion is to do business the right way, scale them and build them to last.

How we add value

Drive business success by


Invest & Advise

CXP Capital can provide investment and advisory to help you reach your business outcomes


Acquire & Scale

CXP Capital can continue your legacy with our capital and our operational experience

What we are looking for

Businesses with the following attributes



History of profitability and free cash flows


Customer base

A diverse set of customers - preference for software


Talented team

A talented team that we can grow with



Located in Canada

Fellow entrepreneurs that have done it before.

The Managing Partners at CXP Capital come from diverse backgrounds and have developed and expanded their skill set while scaling Flipp.

In addition, CXP Capital is supported by a network of experts through CollectiveXP to advise, operate and scale.

Let's work together.

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