Our Story

CollectiveXP was formed because we wanted to work and grow with friends who shared the same values. We are driven to leave a legacy of impact and wealth by helping businesses scale.

How we formed the collective

CollectiveXP (CXP) is a collective of experienced tech entrepreneurs and business operators with successful exits, who have come together to help share their knowledge and experience with other fellow entrepreneurs and business operators. Throughout our career, we worked with some amazing individuals who share similar values, principles and work ethics and this collective is the result of our desire to work together to build (for ourselves and for others) something great, enduring and with a lasting legacy.

Over a decade of proven experience

Founders of CollectiveXP founded the popular award winning Flipp app. The Flipp shopping platform is used by 60M+ users on a monthly basis. The founders are also working on a new startup (Carity.ai) to help businesses harness the power of artificial intelligence. Carity's AI platform can be used by any business user, regardless of their AI knowledge, to effortlessly deploy artificial intelligence into its business processes.

Let's work together.

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