David Shin

Managing Partner

David is a passionate engineer and entrepreneur who thrives on building systems that deliver tangible business value. For more than twenty years, he has combined his insatiable curiosity for understanding how things work with his relentless commitment to mastering the tools necessary to unlock the limitless potential of software technology.

David Shin is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of CollectiveXP (CXP), where he leads engineering. Prior to founding CXP, he honed his software development skills across various domains, from embedded programming and graphics device drivers at AMD to cloud infrastructure, backend services, and web front ends at Flipp. Most recently, he has been on the bleeding edge of generative AI at Carity.ai. Throughout his career, David has designed, coded, and operated numerous highly successful systems that have generated tens of millions in revenue. Additionally, he has excelled in recruiting and leading multiple engineering teams, fostering an environment of ongoing technological innovation that maximizes business value.

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